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The title grants the artist the right to add the wings and the star to his or her signature.

The Air and Space official painter title, better known under the title of Air Painter, is granted by the French Minister of the Armed Forces to artists who devote their talent to aeronautics and space.

Artists who can obtain this title may be painters, illustrators, draftsmen, engravers, sculptors or art photographers.




Air and Space painters are members of the French Air Force, attached to the Air Force Heritage Delegation.

Through their works, the painters of the Air contribute to its radiance.


Like any member of the French Army, air painters wear an insignia.

Developed by the Air Painter Pierre-André Cousin, the insignia of the Air Painters was approved in 2019, under the number A1495.

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An Association for Air and Space painters was created in 1987, in order to organise activities and exhibitions outside of the framework and initiative of the French Air Force.

Logo Armée de l'Air et de l'Espace
Ecusson Peintre de l'air et de l'Espace
Logo Peintre de l'Air et de l'Espace

How I became Air and Space painter

By the summer of 2015, I had produced about fifteen paintings, among which a few aeronautical ones. I started to post my paintings on social networks, just to get an idea of what people thought. Quite quickly, some very encouraging and stimulating comments were posted, inviting me to continue my work.

One day, I was asked if I was an "official air painter "?

I asked around and then the stars aligned. As I was discovering that the French Army had an official recognition for artists, an entrance exam was underway. It was necessary to build a portfolio with (among others) the photos of about twenty aeronautical artworks. I had about fifteen aviation paintings at this time, so I gave it a try.

Less than a year and a first pre-selection later, I obtained the first accreditation from the jury, on September 12 2017, the exact day of my 29th birthday and barely 3 years after having touched a brush for the first time.

I am today the youngest incumbent Air and Space painter.


The 2 paintings I presented to the final jury

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